Help: Knowing your Tabs

Learn how to use fbpromoapp’s campaign builder.

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The Header Tab

Overview This tab allows you to quickly to add an image to your campaign. Quality images are an awesome way to capture your fans’ attention. Application’s flexibility lets you change the header image and Tagline in seconds. Using the HEADER tab Step 1. Header Image: You can displa...

The Promotion Tab

Step 1. CAMPAIGN INSTRUCTIONS Use it to motivate your fans to participate in your Promotion. Try to mention your prize, how will you select a winner, when will they receive the prize Step 2. THANK YOU MESSAGE This message will appear at the end of your fan's registration process. If you are...

The Promotion Tab – Voting Feature

HOW TO ADD A SIMPLE VOTING SYSTEM TO YOUR APP Activate a fun and engaging voting competition on your fan page. Display entries and let your visitors vote by selecting their favorite from a combo box. Step 1. Turn ON the Voting System and select the VOTING option Step 2. Type or paste your Ques...

Social Networks

You can add additional social networks to your app. Take advantage of this feature to encourage users to follow your other social networks. Learn how to do this on the video below.

Campaign Tab

You can use Fbpromoapp for various campaigns, and each campaign will have a unique identifier. By typing each unique identifier you can check how each campaign did individually. You can also see an overall of how all your campaigns have done. In the video below we show you how to check each campaign...

Share Settings

Your share settings determine what your promotion is going to say when people share it, as well as the image that is going to appear to other people. This will make your promotion reach more people. We show you how to change the share settings below.    In the video below you can see the ...

Terms Of Service Tab

The video below will show you how to properly add the TOS ( Terms of Service ) of your promotion.  

Scarcity Tab

The scarcity tab is where you will specify if your promotion is going to end at a certain time and date with a countdown timer, a limit of people that can enter, or both. in the video below we show you how to add them both to your promotion. You can also decide to only use the countdown timer, he...

White Label

The video below shows you how to change our footer logo and "powered by " text with yours.