Help: Getting Started

The essential information you need to set up your fbpromoapp campaigns.

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Setting up your Facebook Business Page

Unlike a personal profile, a Facebook business page is, by default, public. Users can “Like” and become a “fan” of your page without requiring approval from page administrators — a fantastic opportunity for your business to get discovered. Once you are logged into Facebook, you can (and should!) cre...

FbPromoApp Overview

fbpromoapp helps you generate leads, drive sales and boost engagement with facebook apps and social marketing campaigns. Our app consists of two parts: Front-End and Back-End Front-End Front-End Is the part of your app that your fans see and interact with. fbpromoapp ships with a pre-made layout...

FbPromoApp Installation

Follow the step by step instructions on how to activate and add the app to your fanpage. If your page has fewer than 2000 likes, we will need access to install the app on your fanpage. We will send you a request from our agency ( LikeablePress ), you just need to accept the request, sit back and r...

Where Is My FbPromoApp Located?

Your fbpromoapp will be located on your Facebook fanpage along with your other tabs on the left sidebar with the name GIVEAWAY by default. Your fbpromoapp tab will only be viewable from a desktop pc and/or mac Here is a Video Showing you where to find it.   We are always here to hel...

Moving And Renaming your Fanpage tabs

We will learn how to change the order of your tabs in order to give your app more visibility and how to re-name your FbPromoApp from GIVEAWAY to something more related to our Campaign, like, “Green Smoothie Challenge“ Step 1. Moving your tab Here is a Video Showing you how to move your tab to the ...

Managing your Account

If you need to change your account, renew, cancel or upgrade your subscriptions, change your billing information, install your app and more you’ll need to go to your account settings. The account settings are located under the ‘ACCOUNT’ tab on the main menu. Welcome tab Site-Wide notification mess...


What are the SmartLinks? SmartLinks detect whether a visitor is accessing the Campaign from a desktop/laptop, or from a mobile device. Visitors on desktops/laptops are shown the Campaign as it appears on Facebook. Mobile visitors, however, are redirected from Facebook to the mobile version of the C...

Using your Website Images on FbPromoApp

 Learn how to host and organize your images on your own Wordpress Website and use them on your facebook app Step 1. Go to your Media Menu on your Wordpress Panel and click on Add New Step 2. Select the image that you want to use on your app and add it to your Media Library either using Wordpress...

Using Dropbox Images on FbPromoApp

Learn how to host and organize your images on DROPBOX and use them on your facebook app If you don´t have a DROPBOX account, please create one by clicking > GET DROPBOX Step 1. Go to your Dropbox account, sign in and go to the folder where your image is stored. Step 2. Select the image that ...